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Are you looking for a natural and effective way to improve sleep, enhance libido, lose weight, build muscle, reduce inflammation, fight cancer, slow down the aging process and improve nearly all markers of wellbeing?

My name is Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R.Ph.
I'm a registered pharmacist and I specialize in creating health and beauty topical products for skin and systemic health. Over the course of my 38 years of study in pharmacy school and subsequent real-world practice, I have immersed myself in the investigation of the therapeutic benefits of medicinal chemistry.

I am an expert on transdermal penetration, the science of getting active ingredients into the body through the skin. I’ve compounded hundreds of prescription strength topical transdermals featuring Vitamin C, retinol, scopolamine and estrogen. I have spent over 25 years developing and refining an optimal system for delivering progesterone cleanly and elegantly in a base that is not only kind to the skin but beneficial to it too!

     I have created a brief video to share my passion for progesterone with you.    
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While Progesterone’s claim to fame is for supporting fertility in women, its list of non-fertility benefits is impressive and includes:
•    enhanced fertility
•    improved mood
•    better sleep
•    increased  libido
•    muscle development
•    bone building
•    fat burning
•    natural antidepressant
•    natural diuretic
•    anti-cancer
•    and most importantly: it balances out the biological effects of estrogen
(and its metabolites) - including endometriosis, breast tumors, cysts, increased body fat, salt and fluid retention and impaired blood sugar control.  

Progesterone’s helpful effects are NOT only restricted to the ladies; men can enjoy many profound benefits as well. It’s important for:
•    prostate health
•    strengthened libido
•    improved mood
•    enhanced muscle and bone development  

One of the most important features of progesterone is that, when included in transdermal formulations, it can be delivered into the systemic circulation via the skin very effectively. Its fatty nature gives it an ability to traverse the skin surface and the skin itself is dependent on the hormone for health and beauty and can benefit from too! Topical application of progesterone can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase skin thickness

ProHarmony progesterone serum utilizes a transdermal delivery system is benign and non-toxic. ProHarmony allows you to get all the benefits of progesterone without having to expose your system to a complicated chemical concoction. It’s elegant, pleasant to work with, and easy to apply. It makes a wonderful facial product which allows you to leverage the benefits of progesterone systemically, for all its wellbeing benefits, while protecting and fortifying the skin for notable antiaging effects.
ProHarmony™ progesterone serum is: 3% progesterone serum in a fatty acid ester base that feels wonderful! It’s moisturizing, skin softening, and anti-aging (and preservative free).

Because the progesterone is so efficiently delivered, and so well absorbed by the skin, you need very little product. Just 4 drops of ProHarmony™ serum are equivalent to a much larger amount of cream products. You bypass any potential toxicity from all the ingredients in typical cream delivery bases, and you will need a lot less hormone on your skin to get the desired results.
Other products have to use a lot more progesterone because their delivery system is so inelegant and ineffective. In order to maintain the stability of their base, they have to use complicated formulas which include preservatives and emulsifiers, and various oils…which are not good for the skin.

ProHarmony™ uses an extremely simple base which:
•    does not have preservatives
•    does not have oils
•    does not have waxes or emulsifiers
•    is fragrance free

ProHarmony™ consists of transdermal fatty acid esters in progesterone. For $99 you get a 60 to 90 day supply of ProHarmony™ product (depending on optimal personal dosage requirements; with other cream products, for $40, $50 you get a 30 day supply).

Take advantage of our limited time INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $97 with shipping and taxes included ($119 regularly, shipping and taxes additional) by ordering below!

Take advantage of our limited time INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $97 with shipping and taxes included ($119 regularly, shipping and taxes additional) by ordering below!
* * * US orders and shipping only! * * * 
Can you see why I’m so excited about progesterone?

There are a lot of progesterone cream products available (most not very well known). However, creams are not a great way to deliver progesterone (or anything) through the skin; yes, it’s true progesterone’s fat solubility lends itself to transdermal penetration but because most formulas are not formulated to maximize absorption, products have to include a lot of hormone and you have to use A LOT of cream to make sure an appropriate dose is delivered. Not only that, but creams are complex formulations requiring consumers to interact with a complicated cocktail of chemicals.

The typical cream or lotion has 15-30 ingredients that one would have to interact with, and some ingredients actually mimic estrogen, particularly preservatives and sunscreens. As a healthcare professional, I’m always looking to minimize the chemical (ingredient) load that my customer or my patient has to contend with as I create specific formulations. The skin (and the body in general), has not evolved to deal with a lot of chemicals, most which have only been introduced in the past hundred years. Your body has to use its detoxification machinery to get rid of all that. The less work your system or your body or your skin has to do to detoxify, the more resources it will have available for growth and wellbeing.  

“At 60 years old I love seeing the lines fading. Progesterone truly is anti-aging. I'm a believer and I will continue using it.”
Sharon M

“I have used several other brands of progesterone in my fight for balance during peri menopause these last few years and this formulation is, by far, my favorite…The efficacy of ProHarmony Serum is such that I am able to use much less than the 20% cream that I had used previously which makes it much more cost-effective for therapeutic use.”
Leane D

"Your progesterone was much better than what I was using before! Thank you. I'm 54 and in good health. My cycle has not been monthly for the past two years but after three weeks of your product I got my period. It was different than the ones I have had in the last year. It was heavier than it had been in years! My weight even dropped 4 pounds after three days. My sex drive returned after a long hiatus too."
Felice K

“Using the progesterone serum was fantastic for me as it saved me time.  A few sprays was so much easier than using creams, which you need to use a lot more of and you have to measure out, rub on and wait for the product to absorb…It’s also incredible at reducing and managing symptoms from my autoimmune condition. Helping with motor function and even my balance!”
Kyllee F

“My PMS has gotten so much better & my skin is all dewy. I’ve only been using it once a day. It helps with insomnia, and no weight gain that I’ve had with other brands.”

Alissa L

I’ve used progesterone for my daughter’s seizures since she was 7 years old. It’s been about 70% effective. I have always suspected that poor absorbability was the reason it wasn’t more effective. I am thrilled to say that ProHarmony has been consistently 100% effective not just reducing seizures in my daughter but so far, altogether stopping them. The efficacy, price and low maintenance is a Godsend.”
Emily S

“Low dose, absorbable, pure, clean, anti-aging’…Has helped my: Melasma, Leakage, Night sweats, And THANK YOU, no more migraines!”

Veronica M

"This is the end of the bottle for me and I am actually having anxiety that it is almost gone. I was on 2400 mg/per day of Ona’s cream just to maintain when we switched up.
I took a full month on your product, and JUST your product, with fear in my heart thinking that all my symptoms would come back with a vengeance because my dose would be so much lower. This has not been my experience though…
So, many people put it on their face and thin skinned areas on their body but I have been applying it directly to my labia and, on occasion, my inner arms. It’s been absolutely amazing!! I want to be able to purchase it very soon because I am panicking now!
To see what the results would be long term...sigh....this product has kept me stable in this last month. I want MORE! This formulation is a WINNER!!!
I love it! I NEED it in my life! "

Leane D

“I wanted to give a shout out for ProHarmony…I was getting at least 15 hot flashes a day and within a week of using it I am down to none. So so happy! Thank you Pharmacist Ben Fuchs.”

Alisa G
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Boulder, CO 80301

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